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Roth Steuerungstechnik

We are Here for You.

Our support does not end when the project is completed.

Support – for us it means assistance for everything to do with your machine and system. This is our fundamental philosophy and the basis of our  business relationships: The focus is on the customer, his interests are at the forefront, the goal is in sight, the competences pooled, the complex things deciphered.

For this reason, support is more than just a service for us – it is the provision of assistance – in the interest of the customer! It means utilizing our core competencies and is therefore an integral part of our portfolio. We consider support, and therefore also service as the last instance, in case nothing else works, the system is stopped or a system crash has occurred.

Our goal, however, is to make sure ahead of time that through intelligent measures it doesn’t come to a crash or that there isn’t a system standstill. Beginning with the consultation and preparation before the project starts, a feasibility study, the creation of functional and design specifications, we do everything necessary to prevent a crash.  For us, the training of your employees in the technology that has been implemented is just as important as the carrying out of regular maintenance work, making use of intelligent software for monitoring vital data of machines and systems as an  instrument for Condition Monitoring and for online diagnostics.  By deploying experienced and highly-qualified staff, we offer proven solutions in order to prevent a worst-case scenario.

And of course we nevertheless have an emergency number – a hotline to our experts – because we also know that anything is possible.

Ansprechpartner bei Support@Roth

Haymo Hollweck - Roth Steuerungstechnik

Haymo Hollweck

Sales and Service Manager

+49 (0) 6265 9211 515

Roth Steuerungstechnik


Our service comprises, among other things, the following:

  • Consultation
  • Development of customer-specific service concepts
  • 365/24/7 hotline
  • Telephone support
  • On-site service for your system, troubleshooting and error elimination
  • Repairs
  • Retrofitting
  • Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Remote maintenance/ Remote monitoring
  • Energy/ consumption measurement with subsequent consultation for optimizing your system
  • Support for configuration/setup of networks PROFIBUS, I/O-LINK, PROFINET, ASi-Bus
  • Connection to host computer systems via PC-based Automation

Roth Steuerungstechnik


Our training offers are tailor-made to your requirements. Scope and contents are customized to your individual needs. We train you both in standard as well as in individual, system-specific contents.

Our training is aimed at:

  • Project developers
  • Programming personnel
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Maintenance / Service personnel

We are also flexible as to location. In our training center, current controllers and training devices are available for practical exercises. We are also happy to conduct training directly on-site with your equipment.
Small groups provide for intensive support and, together with individually adjusted training documents, ensure the optimum learning success.

Our training offer covers the following basic topics:

  • Siemens Simatic S7
  • Siemens Distributed Safety
  • Siemens WinCC Flexible
  • Siemens TIA Portal
  • Siemens SINUMERIK 840D SL / PL
  • Robots (Kuka, ABB)
  • RSPS (Roth Standard Programming Structure)


Examples of training course contents

Take a look at our most popular training courses:

Optimization of System Availability

The cycle time of a machine or a production line is a major factor in the competitiveness of a manufacturer.

Through our decades of experience in the field of automation, our staff analyze operations, interfaces, programs and situations in order to optimize these and so to win valuable time. For this, we also rely on our own PC and App-based solutions.

Fewer downtimes, higher availability and increased productivity – that is the wish of every manufacturer. With our support, you can optimize your system and exploit its full potential. You can choose whether you want to utilize our software and optimize it yourself or whether you want us to do it for you.

For this, we carry out a systematic diagnosis and analysis, thus identifying existing weak points and thereby creating a solid basis for lasting effective improvements. We carry out troubleshooting and error elimination both on our own as well as on third-party systems.

A machine breakdown can have several causes and is, in every case, a state to be prevented. Our specialists analyze the root causes and develop action plans which, after implementation, lead to a minimization of downtimes.

We support you in the efficient and economic implementation of the best possible solution – thus ensuring more success in your production.

BUS Measurements

Do you require a production-reliable and error-reduced system which is operated with the PROFIBUS or PROFINET fieldbus system?

We will be happy to take care of the measurement, carry out the troubleshooting and create a test report.

BUS Measurements at a glance

Upgrade of Control Components

Your control technology is no longer up-to-date? Replacement parts are no longer available? The desired output can no longer be achieved? We tailor the software to your company’s needs – or completely re-develop it in order to optimize your success.

As well, we upgrade your control components from a hardware standpoint.

  • SIMATIC S5 to S7/TIA
  • PHG/HT6 to HT8 or ROTH-IPC solution
  • SINUMERIK 840D powerline or older to 840D solutionline
  • Manufacturer-independent CNC to SINUMERIK solutionline
  • Retrofit Safety Integrated

Learn more about our Retrofit Services


Mechanical Adaptation of Automation Systems

We expand / adapt your existing automation mechanically exactly to your requirements. Regardless of whether your plant deals with manufacturing or materials handling, an expansion is possible in most cases and we are happy to support you in this.

Our services:

  • Feasibility and energy efficiency study
  • Cycle time optimization
  • General contracting
  • CAD construction
  • System integration
  • CE label
  • Consultation and project co-ordination
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service

Learn more about our Retrofit Services


Machine Safety and CE Marking

In order to place machinery on the market in Europe, the requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC must be met.

We support you with our services in the area of machine safety and CE Conformity of systems/ machines/ products in automation:

  • Safety-related consultation, planning and implementation according to Machinery Directive and EN13849/ EN62061
  • Identifying the standards and interpretation of standards
  • Risk assessment and design support for incorporating safety structures
  • Machinery testing with technical report
  • Training of involved employees
  • Verification calculations according to EN ISO 13849-1 (SISTEMA)
  • Set up the declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation
  • Safety and warning instructions for the operating instruction manual
  • Acceptance reports
  • Carry out periodic inspections according to (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health) for proof of adherence to the legal requirements/ minimum requirements for the safety of machines in conjunction with the Technical Rules for Industrial Safety (TRBS)

Examples of our safety consulting offers

We will be pleased to support you in fulfilling the mandatory safety-related requirements . Take a closer look at our safety-related consulting offers, for example for:

Roth Steuerungstechnik

ROTH Service-Box für Fernwartung und Predictive Maintenance

With the modular ROTH Service Box you make provisions and utilize the tried-and-tested ROTH Service anytime and anywhere – in the realm of remote maintenance and/or predictive maintenance. We know: The safety of data as well as plant safety is of the utmost priority for our customers. At the same time it is crucial to keep up to date and to utilize the opportunities of Industry 4.0. Connect the ROTH Service Box to your system – and you connect both goals in the best possible way.

The protocol is transmitted to ROTH via a secure solution of our Industry Security Manufacturer for Industry 4.0. If service is required, you and the ROTH Service Team connect and establish a connection via an SSL-based VPN tunnel through which your system’s data protocol is transmitted and analyzed.



Our solution enables a secure and highly scalable access to a large number of endpoints with a likewise large number of simultaneous connections. The solution is based on a UTM (Unified Threat Management), often also referred to as Next Generation Firewall. Several security features such as anti-virus, firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention) and many more functions are integrated in these devices in order to effectively block complex threats. The Service Box stores the historical log files and supplies a continuous monitoring of all accesses.

The Condition Monitoring also functions without permanent connection to the ROTH Service Center. The ROTH Service Box simply buffers the data locally.

Discover our interpretation of a service concept for Industry 4.0:

  • The ROTH Service Box grows with your needs. You buy the box as the basis and expand it modularly according to your application profile.
  • For permanent (for example, in a control cabinet) or mobile deployment so that it will always be where it is needed.
  • Data connection via the company‘s LAN network or via mobile phone connection and SIM card.
  • You can use a ROTH Service Box for several plants!
  • Simply safe: At all times, you have complete control of your data.

You have the choice of whether you would like to store the data locally or in the cloud. The consolidation of machine data from different locations via the cloud solutions from Amazon Web Services lifts the data use to a new level: Through cross-location analysis and evaluation effects, highly accurate predictions can be made regarding the conditions under which a system operates optimally.
This offers the opportunity to optimize production processes and to minimize downtimes.

Five Good Reasons for the ROTH Service Box (RSB)

  1. Lower service costs
  • Reduction of external service deployments through remote support.
  • Maintenance intervals based on usage data.
  • Reduction of your own service personnel.
  • Reduction/Streamlining of the spare parts inventory through pro-active maintenance.
  1. Faster service
  • Remote service without unnecessary travel times.
  • Video stream to support the analysis.
  • Centralized information retention for a clear presentation of the system status and hotline ticket system.
  1. Standardization of service
  • Central deposit of system documents.
  • Uniform service concept & services.
  1. Less downtime
  • Permanent data recording as analysis support and analysis acceleration.
  • Data recording leads to a positive learning curve of the machine/system development.
  • Higher system transparency.
  1. Universal use
  • Use for several controllers in parallel.
  • Use for different controller types (Siemens S7, Siemens Sinumerik, Beckhoff, Robots – Kuka & ABB).


The Roth Service Box can be expanded without problem, among other things, with the following components: